China GB/T 2031-94 Chinese Type Marine Fire Hose Couplings coupling capacitance

Product Description

GB/T 2031-94 Chinese Type Maritime Fire Hose Couplings

Fire Hose Couplings

China CZPT Marine Fitting Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of fire hose, hose coupling, we can provide John Morris sort hose couplings, Chinese kind hose coupling, Storz sort hose coupling,
Machino kind hose coupling, Nakajima hose coupling, United states of america Pin hose coupling, ANSI hose coupling
Frech type hose couplings, Norwegian sort hose coupling and so on. Pls make contact with us for far more specifics. 

Fire relationship in China is also known as fire buckle relationship, STORZ COUPLING, lada, geer, etc. It is largely employed for link of drinking water pipes this kind of as fireplace hose and hose, and connection of h2o pipe program these kinds of as hearth truck.

A hose coupling is a connector on the conclude of a hose to connect (or pair) it with yet another hose or with a tap or a hose appliance, this kind of as an irrigation sprinkler. It is typically produced of steel, brass, stainless metal, aluminiumor plastic.

The fire hose connector is the connector at the finish of the hose, used to hook up or join another hose or faucet or hose tools, this sort of as sprinkler irrigation nozzle. It is normally created of steel, brass, stainless metal, aluminum or plastic. It is employed to hook up the hearth hose with fireplace hose, hearth hydrant, drinking water gun, hearth truck, etc. for hearth combating water or fire preventing foam liquid.


Connection: Female&Male
Structure: Assorted
Flexible or Rigid: Assorted
Material: Brass and Aluminium Alloy
Standard: Standard
Size: 2-1/2"


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